What is i-Lipo Laser Treatment

i-Lipo Laser Treatment is the intelligent alternative to liposuction surgery. Get the healthier body you've always wanted with our 3 step process: i-Lipo treatment, personal trainer, and nutrition coaching. Get targeted fat reduction with no pain, no surgery and no down time... no kidding!!!

i-Lipo Treatment

1) i-Lipo Laser Treatment

Featuring FDA-approved i-Lipo lasers, i-Wellness provides a safe, painless, non-surgical solution for general body circumference reduction as well as targeted body sculpting. i-Lipo stimulates and accelerates your body’s natural fat removal process providing immediate results and allowing targeted fat reduction in the areas you choose.

Personal Trainer

2) Custom Training Plans:

A customized 30-minute workout immediately follows your treatment, optimizing the effects of i-Lipo by stimulating your body to naturally burn the free fatty acids that are released during treatment. With the help of the i-Wellness Personal Trainer, you set and reach your own personal fitness goals using a custom-designed fitness program and on-site equipment specifically chosen to maximize your workout.

Nutrition Coaching

3) Health Coach

By getting Back to Basics, you will be amazed how simple it can be to attain your fitness and nutrition goals once and for all. Monthly seminars taught by our Health Coach educate clients to generate permanent change, as opposed to quick, superficial results. The smallest adjustments can make all the difference and help you shred those unwanted inches, so you can look and feel your best.


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